There are 33 five line limericks in the book. Of the 165 limerick words, 185 are single syllable, 57 are two syllable and 7 have three.

Of the 1,026 words in the book, here's a list of 42 we think your reader may want some additional help. 

Of course, every child is different. This is really just to stimulate some conversation about vocabulary – 

which happens to be the just about the longest word in any of the material in the book or on this website.

AERODROME – Airfield, Chiefly British : Mirriam-Webster

AWEIGH – Clear of the sea or riverbed.

BEELINE - A straight, direct course : Mirriam-Webster

BLEST – A variation of blessed – Fortunate.

BOOKED – To arrange for something ahead of time.

CERTIFY – To state officially that something is true, corret or genuine.

CLICHE' - A idea or phrase that is used often but doesn't have very much meaning.

CUISINE – A style or manner of cooking or presenting food.

DISPLAYED – To show something.

DIVINE - Having to do with God or from God.

FABULOUS – Wonderful or marvelous.

FANGS – An animal's sharp pointed teeth.

FELINE – Of or having to do with cats.

FICKLE – Changing very often or inconsistent.

FILET – A piece of meat or fish with bones removed.

GUESSED – To give an answer without being sure you're right.

HABITATS – The places where an animal or plant is usually found.

MANKIND – The human race or human beings as a group.

MOTORIZED – x Provided with a motor for motion or propulsion.

NEARBY – A short distance away.

PELT – An animal's skin with the hair or fur still on it.

PENNED – Written.

PIKE – A turnpike.

POSSESSED – To have or to own.

POUT – To push out your lips to express annoyance or disappointment.

PRANCE – To walk or move in a lively or proud way.

REFRAIN – To hold yourself back from doing or saying something you want to do.

REIN – To rule a country as a king or queen.

SHRIEK – To make a shrill or piercing cry.

SHRINE – A building or small structure that contains objects associated with a holy person,.

SPACESHIP – A spacecraft designed to break free of the earth's atmosphere and travel into space.

SPACEWALK – A period of time an astronaut leaves is or her spacecraft and moves around in space.

SQUAWK – to make a short, sharp, high-pitched sound.

STEED – A horse, a fast powerful one.

SURVIVE – To continue or live or exist.

SVELTE – Slender, graceful.

SWIPING – To steal something.

SWOON – Faint.

TOURISTS (pl) – Someone who is traveling or visiting a place for pleasure.

TRAVELING – To go from one place to another, especially a place that is far away.

VARIED – A selection of different things or categories.

WITTY – Funny and clever.

WONDROUS – Remarkable or impressive.

Definitions from SCHOLASTIC CHILDREN'S DICTIONARY, Copyright 2011, 2014 Scholastic Inc.

Definitions from ILLUSTRATED DICTIONARY, DK Publishing and Oxford University Press, 1998

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