Monday, September 14, 2020


Welcome to Rhymer's website!  If you are a parent, family member, friend, or teacher think you'll find a great deal of material to encourage and reward interest in reading. There are enjoyable exercises to build skills in rhyming, vocabulary, and comprehension. Puzzles and games that will challenge and entertain your reader – or readers. There are links you can click for information about all the places Rhymer visits when he steps through his Magic Window, in this book, and perhaps, others to follow. If you have a computer printer, there are print and cut out projects and prizes to reward advances in reading skills or just for the fun of doing! A pair of scissors and a little paste or glue is all you will need. 

If this little book, and the material here on Rhymer's website helps your very special child become a better reader, and to enjoy reading, it's the reward for writing and illustrating it that I most want!

Thank you, Dick Harrison

Did you enjoy Rhymer and the Magic Window? Please tell others.  And watch for more adventures with the cat that Meows in rhyme.